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The Yoga taught in the Lotus Center in Torre del Mar is Vital Yoga.

Vital Yoga is an applied system of exercises to strengthen and heal body and mind, improve concentration and Yoga is especially a structured path of intellectual and spiritual development, a kind of life practice. Exercises that we currently associate with yoga from India, are known to all religious and spiritual traditions, only under different names. Any person regardless of age, can practice yoga.

During the flowing and slow execution of Vital Yoga exercises we carefully stretch the tendons and tense the muscles, without over acidifying. y remaining in a Yoga position, we strengthen the functionality of all internal organs whilst maintaining a calm heart frequency.

Photo of Bogusia in the position of Asana Warrior on the beach at the Costa del Sol

Thus we 

  • increase the suppleness of out joints and the vertebral column
  • strengthen our muscles
  • support our health and lessen diseases
  • increase the ability to concentrate
  • harmonize our psychological-emotional condition


Clients' feedback

 "… She is well endowed with a wide knowledge of the human biology and has treated many of my jogging related injuries admirably. …"  read more

 "Dear Bogusia - Thank you so much for your excellent massages - now I am able again to run on the tennis courts. …"  read more
 Ingrid F.G.

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