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Vital Yoga can be practised by everyone independently of age and physical condition.

During the flowing and slow execution of Vital Yoga exercises we carefully stretch the tendons and tense the muscles, without over acidifying y remaining in a Yoga position, we strengthen the functionality of all internal organs whilst maintaining a calm heart frequency.

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Yoga group courses

I take courses in small groups in a pleasant atmosphere. Thus I ensure good and personal guidance.

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Bogusia´s Studio for Hatha Yoga exercises for small groups or Yoga therapy



The course fee is paid in advance at the beginning of each month. All prices includes VAT.

Vacation and holidays

Yoga courses continue during the summer.


Clients' feedback

 "… I feel physically & mentally stronger, she has helped me to achieve things I would have previously thought impossible …"  read more

 "… Bogusia`s classes are fun, educational and challenging, leaving you feeling satisfied and motivated to continue …"  read more


Monthly 1 x 60 min. 10 €/person
Monthly 2 x 60 min. 20 €/person
Monthly 3 x 60 min. 24 €/person
Monthly 4 x 60 min. 32 €/person
Monthly 5 x 60 min. 40 €/person
1 Session 1 x 60 min. 10 €/person

Shiatsu … … Private lessons

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