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Yoga is an applied exercise system to strengthen and heal the body, improve concentration and Yoga is especially a structure of mental-spiritual development. In the West, yoga is mostly associated only with physical exercises (Asanas). However, they are only part of the old philosophical teachings that clearly describe how we can purify and strengthen the internal structure of our subtle body.

The purpose of these practices are: increasing our vital energy and improving the flow of energy both in the physical as well as to the subtle body. Thus, we feel more alive, more motivated, confident and have the power within us to determine our inner world. Hence, we are able to live our life fully, to use our full potential in all areas, to heal our beings, and to remain calm in any situation.

Bogusia in the Position of Kum Nye excercise Body of Energy

Vital Yoga is a healing and relaxation method which unite exercises of Hatha Yoga, Tibetan Yoga (Tsa-Lung and Kum Nye), includes meditative introspection (self-observation), imparts vitality and gives us both strength and energy.

Vital Yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, physical condition, gender or persuasion. Requirements for good effects of practice are merely will for personal development and persistence to learn the execution of the asanas and to exercise regularly.


Asanas consists of exact taken postures in which one remains for a while. The focus is on the stand holding and on the perception of bodily sensations and feelings. Becoming aware of all sensations and allows us to let go of them or even extend and intensify them. This beneficial effect of the relaxation of the body widens the mind and a feeling of liberation makes us cheerful, balanced, powerful and creative.

A properly executed Asana is characterized by the following properties:

  1. concerning the physical body:
    • Correct sequence of movements
    • Good distribution of body weight on the muscles and joints
    • Balanced muscle tension and balance
  2. concerning respiration and energy:
    • Breath coordinated with movements
    • Perception of all sensations and feelings
    • Control of energy movement
  3. concerning the mind:
    • Visualization and concentration
Photo of Bogusia in the position Asana triangle Parivratta Trikonasana on the beach

All of this is important in order to induce desired physiological and energetic changes in our being. It is only through the body control, we learn to dominate our breath, energy flow and feelings. Can we do that, we are also able to control our thoughts, let them go and meditate or contemplate.

Perhaps this all sounds very complicated and serious, but it is not. Our yoga sessions are geared toward the needs of the clients and ensure that we have fun in practice.


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