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Tsa-Lung comes from the Tantric yoga system of the ancient Tibetan and Indian masters.

According to the Tibetan teachings, there is, in addition to the physical body, also an energetic or subtle body that consists of energy channels. The channels (Tsa or Nadi) are used for circulating the subtle energy or winds (Lung or Prana) and the consciousness.

Grafik der 3 Kanäle des energetischen menschlichen Körpers, weiß rechts, links rot und blau des zentralen Kanals

The spiritual Bon master Tenzin Wangyl Rinpoche illustrates the relationship between the prana and the channels with the image of a house. The house is the body. The channels the electrical lines that run through the whole house. The current circulating in these lines is the prana. And the lamps are our five senses. The electrical equipment is comparable to the mechanical functions of the body. In the absence or reduction of prana, the lamps do not give light or only a faint light and the domestic appliance won´t work or only insufficiently. As our five senses work only partially, the mechanical functions of the body are limited, the thinking is confused. The same happens when the channels are blocked, damaged or broken.

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Yoga of Subtle Energies

image of the Book "Awakening the Sacred Body" by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche (ISBN: 1-59179-427-7)

Tsa-Lung exercises are related to increase our life energies and sublimation of coarse energies. A person who has a lot of mental energy, can not meditate because the thinking persist. A person with a lot of physical energy will not be able to sit quietly and concentrate. For this reason it is important to refine the energies and use them for self-realization.

Due to the steady exercises we increase our energies and improve their flow. All that heals our body and mind, overcomes negative thought patterns, improves our relationship with the environment. We may live contently, easily, relaxed and wise and be a part of the whole.

"If we want to make changes in our lives, we have to be willing to interrupt our all-to-familiar habitual patterns..."
Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

… Kum Nye

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