Tibetan Yoga

Kum Nye

Grafik der 3 Kanäle des energetischen menschlichen Körpers, weiß rechts, links rot und blau des zentralen Kanals

Kum Nye is a gentle healing technique that relieves our emotional stress and thus opens the way to inner harmony. The method refers to the gross and subtle body energies.

"Kum" means existence, incarnation, (subtle) body. "Nye" means massage, interaction. With Kum Nye exercises we learn to touch our emotions and feelings, to calm our thoughts and to be in the present moment. Thus we awaken our spiritual potential and can use it completely and creatively. The physical exercises of Kum Nye associated with a conscious breathing and mindfulness solves strains and tension, spasm and pain.

Lama Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche transmitted this old medical science of the Tibetans in the West.

Bild des Buches "Joy of Being " von Tarthang Tulku (ISBN: 978-3-928758-27-7)

"As soon as body and breath are sufficiently calm and relaxed, increases immediately, almost magically, a sense of joy. By the way of relaxation, we can even heal our possessive dark side, this unbalanced side of ourselves, which acts against us. The soothing qualities of this feeling can heal thoughts, emotions, ideas, pictures."
Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche


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