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Yoga as therapy

In my work as a Yoga therapist I refer to the medical aspect of the Yoga exercises in connection with breathing.

It is proven that practising Yoga Asanas has a good influence among other things on:
overweight, back pain, arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, varicose veins, prostate problems, menstruation pain and menopause, digestive problems, stress, migraine, exhaustion conditions and nervousness, fear conditions and depression, concentration problems, dizziness.

By planning your private lessons of Yoga as therapy an I take care a for your individual health requirements.

After an anamneses I set-up a therapeutical sequence of special yoga exercises adequate for you to remove or alliviate the pain.

My classic ‘Yoga-therapy-hour’ consist of 4 phases:
warm up, Asana-positions, Pranayama breathing exercises and relaxation.

Yoga Therapy Session

1 person session 70 Min. 36 €  
2 people session 70 Min. 40 € (20 € / person)

Please contact me, to arrange for appontments.

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