"To really know something is to know its causes."
Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) English philosopher


Our body and our mind can´t be treated separately. The spirit expresses itself in posture and body posture in turn affects our emotional life.

When we are sad and depressed because we are not satisfied with our lives, that will manifest in our body posture. We walk with the head down which in turn blocks the mobility of the neck, overloaded and hardens the neck muscles. The result is a headache. The body bent forward pressing the lungs and other internal organs, thereby reducing their functionality. The result: loss of vitality, depression and digestive problems.

Sitting for long periods at a desk with the head down has the result that the neck muscles tense up and cause headaches. If we don´t keep the upper body straight, we don`t use the full capacity of the lungs, pressing the stomach and overload the spine. The physical discomfort is reflected in our mind, we feel lethargic, irritable, misunderstood and frustrated.

Meditation or yoga practice often trigger feelings and memories that you have suppressed or blocked for a long time. A therapeutic conversation (supervision or therapy by means of conversation) connects the emotional experience with the symptoms on the physical level and help you to solve your life problems.


Photo of a stone fountain in the forest with sunshine as a sign of inner peace



1 person session 30 min. 20 €
1 person session 60 min. 40 €

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