Shiatsu Massage

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Photo of a Shiatsu Massage of head by Bogumila Dausend

With a Shiatsu massage your whole Meridian system is being treated. This Japanese therapy working with finger pressure or acupressure on special spots provokes healing and strengthens the defence system of your body, as well as preserving health and well-being: It activates our inner self healing forces and decreases negative symptoms of ageing.

Shiatsu massage can be partly a little bit painful ("weal and woe"). The pain shows only that there are muscle tension, or bad metabolic products settled in the tissue or also that one might have suppressed sorrowful feelings and experiences of traumas. Thus your energy (Chi) stagnates in your body and causes diseases.

Photo of a Shiatsu Massage of leg and foot by Bogumila Dausend

Additional stretching exercises which are part of the Shiatsu therapy will make the energy flow through the meridians easier and thus also the functionality of the internal organs will substantially improve.

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Clients' feedback

 "… She is well endowed with a wide knowledge of the human biology and has treated many of my jogging related injuries admirably. …"  read more

 "Dear Bogusia - Thank you so much for your excellent massages - now I am able again to run on the tennis courts. …"  read more
 Ingrid F.G.

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Full Body Massage Price 
Session 60 min. massage + 15 min. relaxation 58 €
Session 90 min. massage + 15 min. relaxation 80 €
Partial Body Massage Price 
Session 40 min. massage + 10 min. relaxation 42 €

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