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Photo of a Shiatsu Massage of back and neck Bogumila Dausend

Healing with hands or massage is one of the long-proven natural health methods for muscle tensions, spasms and overloads, back pain, migraine, fibromyalgia, nonspecific pain, sleeplessness, stress, nervousness, burnout syndrom, anxiety and depression, improve circulation and relax the tissues etc.

As a supporting therapy or simply as a revitalizing relaxation I offer anti-stress massage, bio-energetic Vital Massage, Shiatsu massage (after Toru Namikoshi) and acupressure (pressure on individual acupressure points).

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The goal of my massage is:

  • to alleviate your pain and discomfort
  • to dissolve tensions
  • to stimulate your natural physical and mental forces
  • to increase your regenerative capacity
  • to mediate a new pleasant body feeling
  • or that you have just a pleasant relaxation
  • and to discover the joy of life again


Clients' feedback

 "… Thank you Bogusia for using all your knowledge, skills and experience to make it possible for me to walk pain free again. I came to you after months of suffering …"  read more
 Ann Marie

 "… I put myself for a few hours in bed. Bogusia has made ​​it through some "magic" pressure points, that after 20 minutes my headache was gone. The New Year's Eve was saved! "  read more

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Full Body Massage Price 
Session 60 min. massage + 15 min. relaxation 58 €
Session 90 min. massage + 15 min. relaxation 80 €
Partial Body Massage Price 
Session 40 min. massage + 10 min. relaxation 42 €


Gift voucher

Voucher for Massage, Shiatsu or Yoga

This is an ideal gift for Christmas or for any other time of the year. Give a

Voucher from Lotus Center

so a loved one my feel better in Her/his own body.

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