Vital Massage

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Photo of a vital massage for head and neck with acupressure by Bogusia Dausend

Vital Massage is a bio-energetic massage that induces a deep state of relaxation and regeneration, soothes the emotions and feelings and our energy level increases. It is performed with essential oils and by comforting music.

The method of Vital Massage is based on pressuring and touching various points on the physical body with simultaneous transmission of vital energy (Prana). The energetic body of the recipient will be harmonized and strengthened.

Product Massage Oil Cellulite by Khadi with flower decoration
In this treatment, I´m guided by my intuition, sensitivity and experience. I have a wide repertoire of massage techniques and will use them according to the needs of the client.

The treatment ends with a singing bowl massage. The vibrations of the singing bowls are transmitted into the body, supporting the detoxification of the cells, stimulating the body's organs to regain their proper vibration and put the receiver in a state of physical and mental relaxation.

Photo of a vital massage of the back performed by massage therapist Bogusia Dausend


In other words:
The bio-energetic Vital Massage stimulates your self-healing, relaxes muscle tension, dissolves emotional blockages and fears, strengthens the subtle body and brings you well-being, positive attitude to life and lightness of being.


Clients' feedback

 "I want to testify that Bogusia Dausend is the best masseur that has treated me. Not only are the relaxing massages excellent but the curative ones do actually work. ..."  read more

 "... Bogusia has made ​​it through some 'magic' pressure points, that after 20 minutes my headache was gone. The New Year's Eve was saved!"  read more

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Full Body Massage Price 
Session 60 min. massage + 15 min. relaxation 58 €
Session 90 min. massage + 15 min. relaxation 80 €
Partial Body Massage Price 
Session 40 min. massage + 10 min. relaxation 42 €

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