Herbal remedies and medicine

Photo with calendula flowers and two bottles of essences

Herbal medicine or phytotherapy deals with the practical application of medicinal plants in medicine, nutrition and body care. The positive characteristics of mint, cumin, anise, anise, garlic, mugwort, camomile, camomile, camphor, ginger, cloves, hemp, etc. were already known in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and India.

Modern science confirms the effectiveness of medicinal plants and also tries to "copy"the medically important active substances. Large number of current synthetic drugs have their precursors in nature such as aspirin, penicillin, heparin, markumar, morphine, quinine, tucocurarin.

Many applications of medicinal plant therapy can often replace or support conventional treatment. Also herbal products for personal hygiene can successfully replace synthetic preparations.

When deciding on herbal treatment for a disease, however, it must be borne in mind that not every herbal therapy can always be harmless. For example, herbs may interact with synthetic drugs that may increase, weaken or cancel the medical effect. Therefore, consult your doctor or therapist before starting treatment.

Picture with different herbs and flowers for herbal medicine

In order to live healthily and calmly, to strengthen our immune system, however, we should not only use the power of medicinal plants. Nature also offers us a lot of food that medically affects our body and soul. For example, bananas, chocolate (cocoa) and green leafy vegetables brighten the mood. Movement, relaxation in every form and friends also have their share in our fulfilled lives.



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