Facial rejuvenation

Look younger through cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic facial acupuncture is a gentle and effective treatment to reduce signs of ageing. It is also known as acupuncture bio-face lifting.

Foto of a facial rejuvenation treatment with cosmetic facial acupuncture with fine needles for the face.

Wrinkles are treated with very fine acupuncture needles, which increases the blood circulation and the supply of oxygen, improves supply of nutrients to the skin, and thereby stimulating the formation of its own collagen and relaxes tense facial muscles. In this way, the wrinkles and fine lines are visibly smoothed out and the face appears younger and firmer. The effect of facial acupuncture is not only limited to the face but also has an effect on the whole body; relaxes the treatment and by activating the acupuncture points of stomach, liver, colon and bladder meridians improves metabolism, detoxifies and energizes the entire body.

Facial rejuvenation through cosmetic acupuncture and facial massage is suitable for anyone whose skin is affected with loss of moisture and firmness by stress, lack of sleep, nicotine, metabolic disorders and hormonal ageing.

According to research four out of five women between 51-60 have a distinct marking of loss of skin firmness. Especially in the early years of the post-menopausal period, the collagen content of the female skin is reduced around 30 percent.

Cosmetic Treatment

Treatment lasts about 60 to 90 minutes. The number of required sessions varies depending on age, skin type and desired effect. As rules suggest for a mature skin: about 10 treatments over 4 weeks. Thereafter, a session is to be scheduled in approximately four weeks rhythm, so that the rejuvenating effect persists.

The cost of a facial cosmetic acupuncture are 50.- to 70.- Euro, depending on the time.
The treatment includes a 15-20 minutes reflexology.
For 5 sessions within 3-4 weeks there we offer a discount of 5%.
The initial treatment costs 40.- Euro.



Session 60-90 min. treatment incl. 15–20 min. reflexology 50-70 €
Initial treatment 60 min. treatment incl. 15 min. reflexology 40 €
5er-Karte (within 3-4 weeks) -5%

Clients' feedback

 "... I was very excited about Facial rejuvenation through cosmetic facial acupuncture, because I had already read a lot about it. The more I looked forward to the treatments with you and my expectations were confirmed; …"  

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