Cupping Therapy

a proven, natural therapy

Graphic of a treatment with dry cupping, the therapist puts cupping glass to the patient on the massage bed.

Cupping is an ancient proven therapy. Since millennia, it is used as anti-inflammatory, analgesic and tonic cure that also detoxifies and calms. In fact, the cupping helps for colds to relieve bronchitis and infections of the upper respiratory system, cures rheumatism and boosts the immune system. Applied as a massage, it improves blood circulation, eliminates muscle pain, fatigue, tension and cramps. This cupping massage is also used to combat cellulite (orange peel skin) and sagging skin on the legs and belly. (Supportive for sports and healthy eating!)

In my practice I use "cold cupping". This cups are placed on the skin, in which an under pressure is created, which draws the skin, including small blood vessels. This come from small amounts of blood from the vessels, which can cause bruising. This in turn mobilizes the body's defences to eliminate disease or pain or relieve.

Cupping massage

Photo of cupping glasses for cold cupping

Cupping massage is very useful for back pain and as an accompanying measure against cellulite and fat belly. This cups are placed on the skin, in which a under pressure is created, then the jars are pushed back and forth. In this way, both the blood flow to the affected tissue and the lymph flow is stimulated.

Not recommended is cupping by acute injuries, near varicose veins in skin rashes, heart disease and circulatory problems, such as when taking blood thinners, Warfarin and aspirin.


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Session 60 min. cupping therapy + massage + 15 min. relaxation 50 €


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