Prana - Subtle Energy

The unifying force of the subtle body is the life force energy known by the Sanskrit word prana (Prana is both sort as well as individual case name). It is divided into 5 different "winds":

Graphic of the five subtle energies, also called prana, and their distribution in the body
Udana,  rising energy in the head and neck area.
Prana,  inwardly directed life force in the chest area.
Samana,  the equalizing fire like energy with a centripetal effective force in the stomach area.
Apana,  descending and outward directed energy in the pelvic area.
Vyana,  all-pervasive and integrating energy of the entire body.


Graphic of the five subtle energies, also called prana, and their distribution in the body

The subtle energy flows through the Nadis (subtle channels), which are also known as meridians. The Nadis providing the physical organs and chakras (subtle energy centers) with vital energy and provide us with the possibility to heal ourselves and to perceive the subtle worlds, dissolve ego existential anxiety, increase creativity, and to experience bliss.

Often the energy channels are weak, blocked or closed and thus the energy is not able to flow freely. The reasons for this are: The three major energy channels, the nadis of the subtle subtle body, sushumna, ida and pingala unhealthy lifestyle, emotional trauma, ignorance and quite simply our evolutionary immaturity.

Basically speaking, we can get sick in 2 different ways: by direct injury, infection, poisoning or by permanent emotional and mental stresses which affect the subtle bodies and express it on the somatic level.

Many therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy, shiatsu, Bioenergetic Massage, etc. aim at the harmony of energy and improve the flow of energy in the subtle body, which stimulates the somatic body and controls its functions. In addition Yoga exercises are sublimating our gross energy into subtler energies. However, since our intellectual mind needs to known visible reference points, we often talk directly about the physical body and its organs.

Graphic of a joung Fee gemalt von Kasia Bara

But it helps in our process of personal development and improvement of health to know the energy body structure. Because only if we know that there is something we see this "something" and only then we can integrate the different realities (physical, subtle and mental) into a unity, a wholeness and heal our being.


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