Bogusia Dausend

Diplom Massage and Shiatsu Therapist
Yoga Therapist, TCM

Portrait Foto von Bogumila Bara Dausend Yogalehrerin und Shiatsu Masseurin in Torre del Mar in Málaga

My education, experience and attitude to life led me to the creation of a particular style of yoga and massage.

The Vital Massage technique is based on my formation as a massage & shiatsu therapist, the Kum Nye massage technique and the bio-energetic healing.

With best wishes for good practice of relaxation, healing and vitality!

The Vital Yoga that I teach combines the ancient healing of classical Hatha Yoga and Tibetan yoga, shiatsu stretching, breathing exercises, meditation and Buddhist philosophy. However, the Vital Yoga classes are based on the nature, character and body characteristics of the individual student, to highlight his skills and strengthen his self-confidence. In group lessons, I attune to the common current needs of the practitioners without a predetermined training sequence.

Currently I teach yoga in my own yoga studio in Torre del Mar (Málaga), at a gym in Torre del Mar and a recreation center in Almayate. Hatha Yoga I practice systematically since 1985, since 1998 I give yoga classes and since 2005 working as an independent Yoga-teacher/-therapist. Since 2007 I also practice Tibetan Yoga (Kum Nye, Tsa Lung and Trul Khor).

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